Woman’s faith in humanity restored after stranger left note on her windscreen

A woman said she was shopping when she lost her phone, then when she returned to her can she found a note on the windscreen that directed her to a safe place where it was stashed

A woman had her faith in humanity restored after she lost her phone while she was at a Christmas market – as someone had found it and stashed it in a safe place.

Mari Thomas was gutted when she lost her phone, as while it wasn’t too expensive it had huge sentimental value to her, as the Liverpool Echo reports.

She tried to retrace her steps but it was no use so returned to her car, dejected, but was in for a shock as she found a note on her windscreen.

It turned out someone had found the phone and left it for her at a nearby restaurant, before explaining its location in a note left on her windscreen.

Mari said: “When I thought I’d lost it, you panic, don’t you? You just think, ‘What are you going to do without it?’

“It’s not a very high-tech phone, but it’s a decent one. To me, it’s worth everything, because I rely on it so much.”

Mari had spent the day in Manchester with her husband, son and her son’s fiancĂ©, buying Christmas gifts – but the day was almost ruined when Mari realised she’d lost her phone, along with the hundreds of pictures stored on it.

She continued: “Those pictures are not just valuable to me but to their families as well, because we put them up on the Facebook page.”

As Mari approached her car, she spotted a note on the windscreen – and at first she thought her day was about to go from bad to worse.

She added: “I thought I’d parked in the wrong place and was having a telling off, to be honest. I thought, ‘Oh what have I done now?’

“But when I looked at it, it was such a pleasant surprise.”

Mari “couldn’t believe it” when she read the note written on Salvation Army paper.

A kind stranger took it upon themselves to leave a trail guiding Mari to her lost phone, safely stored in the Hungry Horse restaurant.

She continued: “I honestly couldn’t believe it that somebody had gone to the bother of writing the note in the first place, and then taking it to somewhere where I could pick it up just by going in and collecting it.

“I was so grateful, because like everybody else, on your phone, you’ve got so many photos and memories that you’d never get back if you lose your phone.

“I just want them to know that I appreciate so much what they did for me. Not many people would do that.

“It was very honest and honourable of them to do such a kind act.”