Japanese foodie tries British roast dinner for very first time and her mind is blown

A food lover has gone viral on social media after sharing her thoughts on her first-ever proper carvery roast dinner, after moving to Britain from Tokyo one year ago

It’s no secret that the roast dinner is the staple of British cuisine (as well as a fry up and of course a Greggs sausage roll).

You just can’t beat a good roast and as such many people love heading out to enjoy a carvery, loading their plates up with all their favourite items – from spuds to parsnips, beef, stuffing, pigs in blankets, Yorkshire puddings and all the gravy you can manage.

One foodie has recently gone viral online, because of a meal just like this, reports Somerset Live.

Ariyo Fukui moved over to the UK from Tokyo and has become ‘obsessed’ with roast dinners.

The 27-year-old got a proper taste of the British classic at Brent House Carvery in Highbridge.

Ariyo was impressed by the meat, gravy and massive portions, taking to TikTok to debunk the assumption many people make that “British food is bland.”

She said: “In Tokyo we have roast beef and roast chicken but it’s just a few slices of thin meat.

“I never knew a roast dinner had potatoes, veggies, stuffing and Yorkshire pudding.

“Before I moved to the UK people told me British food is rubbish.

“And then I actually fell in love with a carvery.”

Ariyo moved to Bristol last year for work and had never tried a proper roast before.

In August, Ariyo’s boyfriend took her to Somerset for her first Sunday roast, and it blew her mind.

In a clip posted to TikTok she claimed it was the “best gravy ever”, the meat was “gorgeous” and she “still can’t get over it”.

She has since started to help her boyfriend’s mum cook roast dinners but admits it can be difficult.

“It’s a bit difficult to make. It’s a lot of effort to cook all the different components.”

Unsurprisingly, she now can’t wait to tuck into a hearty roast on Christmas Day.

As well as sharing her love for roast dinners, Ariyo has been trying all sorts of British treats on her social media channels.

Each new food has proven a bit of a culture shock for her, but so far she’s been a big fan of Greggs Festive Bake, enjoyed dunking chocolate digestives in a cup of tea and loves a scone.

However, she wasn’t quite so impressed by the sushi found in supermarkets such as Tesco as she thought she could “cook much better rice” and was “traumatised” by the experience of trying it.