I saved £8K in a year thanks to money hacks, it’s made Christmas much easier’

A woman said she managed to save a whopping £8,000 in a year thanks to a series of simple money hacks, and by following them you can make Christmas much easier on your finances

A woman said she managed to save £8,000 in a year thanks to a series of simple money hacks – and she added that it’s made her Christmas much easier.

Nadine Barrett, 35, is a life coach, youth worker, and is also incredibly good at saving money – so now she’s shared her top tips so you can protect your finances too.

Talking to LatestDeals.co.uk, she said that buying presents in advance, doing online surveys, and entering competitions are all good ways to save cash.

Nadine said she had just bought her own house so this year she didn’t have as much money as usual to spend, but thanks to being a bit savvier she was still able to prep for a merry Christmas.

Nadine said: “For me, saving money is fun, allows me to achieve my goals and means I can avoid anxiety and panic! I moved in 2019 to my first home by myself and now have a mortgage and all the associated costs to pay for.

“Although I don’t have kids, I have a big family, including 10 nieces and nephews, and friends I love to give to. Being organised and disciplined means I can do this and still meet my monthly commitments.”

“One of my top tips is buying gifts on sale throughout the year.

“When items are reduced in big sales like the end of season, New Year or Black Friday, I buy items I know my loved ones would love as well as some neutral gifts as backups in case a last-minute occasion comes up, like candle sets and glass sets that work for most people.

“For instance, my mum’s favourite Marc Jacobs perfume went on sale in the summer from £60 to £30 with free delivery so I ordered a bottle and stored it as one of her upcoming Christmas gifts.”

Nadine went on to say that she enters countless competitions to save money, as prizes can either help her save cash directly or give her something that could be given later as a gift.

She continued: “I also love entering competitions. Even the excitement of potentially winning gives me a buzz and there are so many great competitions out there to suit everyone’s tastes.

“I use these to share with my family and friends as well as treat myself.

“I had a Michelin restaurant lunch for me and my sister on my birthday which meant I didn’t have to spend money going out to eat as I usually do and only topped up my Oyster card which was less than £10.

“The meal would have retailed for over £60 each and we got a bottle of wine to share.”

Nadine also explained that completing online surveys was a good way to earn some extra money, as it is so simple and ‘fun’ she can do it while replacing at home.

She said: “You can build up points for vouchers or cash and use these to buy gifts, supermarket shops to reduce your food bill or exchange them for treats.

“The last six months I have earned enough to have a £40 takeaway each month via delivery apps just by answering questions and giving my opinion.

“All my tips have led me to save over £8,000.”