Dad slammed for kicking pregnant daughter, 19, out because of her boyfriend

A dad is being berated online after he demanded his daughter get an abortion, before kicking her out when she refused, because he doesn’t approve of her ‘scumbag’ boyfriend

Most parents would like to think they’d do anything to support their children, but how far should that go, and when should you step back and let them make their own mistakes?

One dad has found himself in a tricky situation, after recently discovering his 19-year-old daughter is pregnant with her “scumbag” boyfriend.

The dad revealed how he’d previously given his daughter an ultimatum, telling her she needed to leave her boyfriend or leave the family home, and up until now, he believed she’d chosen the former.

Now, the dad – and soon-to-be-granddad – has discovered his daughter is actually three months into her pregnancy and had been keeping it a secret from her family.

“She started sobbing and telling us how sorry she was and that it was just a big mistake. I told her the only way she can stay in our house is if she gave the baby up for adoption, because we won’t allow it to ruin her life,” he wrote on Reddit’s AITA forum.

“She just kept pleading to us that she’ll take care of it, but I had a very hard time believing her after I just found out she’s been lying to me for months and going behind my back to see her boyfriend.”

The dad revealed his daughter refused to give up her unborn child, so he kicked her out the family home and she’s now staying with a friend.

“My wife has been incredibly sad and is now telling me what I did was wrong. It wasn’t an easy decision for me to make, but I couldn’t allow her to walk away without any consequences,” he continued.

“At her age I was already taking care of myself so I don’t look at it the same way others might. Is it really wrong for me to kick my adult daughter out of my house after she lied to me? I’m willing to see if I’ve taken things too far.”

One Reddit user replied: “You know forbidding your daughter from seeing her boyfriend is just going to make him more desirable right? And how is kicking her out when she is pregnant, vulnerable and in need of stability and love going to help? Yeah, not great parenting I would say.”

“Have you asked yourself why your daughter felt she couldn’t trust you? You aren’t trustworthy. You’ve shown no care, no compassion. You don’t get a say in whether your grandchild is given up for adoption,” another added.

“I don’t understand what you expected to achieve. How you react in hard situations, and this is a hard situation, show your character. You’ve come up short.”

Meanwhile, others slammed the dad for saying she’s too young to have a baby but also claiming she’s old enough to be able to take care of herself outside the family home.