Students staggered after scrubbing uni house rug that’s ‘never been cleaned’

The students loved their brown rug, but after realising it had never been cleaned they decided it was time to give it a proper scrub – sharing the satisfying process on TikTok

Let’s be honest, student houses aren’t exactly known for their cleanliness and tidiness.

Even if the tenants are good at chipping in with the chores or have introduced the dreaded cleaning rota, the general standard of budget rented accommodation is normally below par.

So one house decided to take matters into their own hands and give the supplied rug on their living room floor a good scrub, claiming it had “never been cleaned”.

They filled the bath tub with water and cleaning products and left the rug to soak overnight – and were staggered by the results.

Sharing the process on TikTok, user @ annachiowo posted a number of videos online documenting the step-by-step.

“She’s a cool rug, but so old and dusty.”

The students add a number of cleaning products to the hot water before adding the brown patterned rug.

After just a few minutes the water starts to turn brown as years of dirt start to come free.

Half an hour later the water is completely black and a layer of grime appears around the back tub.

After an hour, they drain the water and start to rinse the rug. They can then be seen wiping the water away and the colour beneath is several shares lighter.

The water was disgusting (

As they rinse the rug using the shower hose even more brown water can be seen escaping.

They then take the unusual step of getting into the bath to stand on the rug, possibly to squeeze out any excess water and grime. One jokes: “Rug got me acting up”.

It’s then time for another soak, and this time they leave it overnight.

When they return the next morning the water has turned a disgusting brown colour.

“So we left her in overnight. So much gunk left on the side as it was draining.”

They then wash the tassels on the side using shampoo and conditioner, which even they admit probably wasn’t needed.

“Was this necessary? Probably not, but very satisfying.”

They then take the rug outside to dry in the garden, but received several messages from people saying it would never dry.

However a short sit on the radiator and the rug was good as new – and the pattern was even clearer than ever.

It shows a beautiful green dragon surrounded by flowers and leaves.

They wrote: “Not as much colour as we hoped, but the detail is beautiful.”

In the final clip the students show off the rug in their living room, and it looks so much brighter – Mrs Hinch would be proud!